Bloom is a 2.5D Action Platform Designed for the PC, Mac, and iOS platforms that puts you in control of Sprout who through the use of his powers over nature embarks to to save the world from the Robots that have taken control of the planet.  Bloom is being built as a part of the USC Final Games program to be Presented at USC Demo Day in both the Fall and Spring.


  • Story mode where you control Sprout in his quest to save and restore the World as he journeys to find the Tree of Life
  • Gesture Based Ability System
  • Drop In and Out 4 player Networked Play
  • Dynamic Grass Growth System

My Role – Lead Networking Engineer 

As the Lead Networking Engineer on Bloom I was responsible for managing the networking engineering pod as we built the systems that provided 4 player network cooperative play in Bloom.  I was also responsible for working with the other engineering groups to integrate their systems to work with our networking systems.  For our networking infrastructure we started with Unity’s built in networking engine to provide basic server and client connections.  From their we built out the following systems for our networking components to our game

  • A Network Manager to interface with our custom messaging service and Unity’s Networking systems
  • A Dead Reckoning system for smooth player movement across the network
  • Game object state synchronization through the use of Remote Procedural Calls
  • A simple Drop in and out system for player connection



Bloom was built by Team Flaming Toast, a 60+ person team of Designers, Engineers, and Artists all working towards making Bloom as awesome as possible.  The Bulk of our team is based at USC where our Engineering and Design team reside and our Art team is composed of people from all over the globe at several different schools all working to make Bloom look amazing.


Networking Trailer

Screen Shots

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Midterm Presentation

Concept Art

Game Models

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