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USC Final Games – Bloom

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Bloom is a 2.5D Action Platform built as Part of the USC Final Games Program.  This game was developed in the Unity 3D Engine for the PC, Mac, and iOS.  In Bloom you play as Sprout a tiny plant creature who uses the powers of Nature to try and reclaim the world from the Robots that now control it.

Position – Lead Networking Engineer

I was the Lead Networking Engineer on this project.  I was responsible in leading the networking engineering group as well as helping the other engineering teams use the networking tools and systems we had implemented.

What I Worked On

  • Designed and Implement our Network Management system that worked as our key interface to the built in Unity Networking features that worked with our custom game messaging system.  This manager provide the support for Creating and Joining servers, requesting a list of available Servers, requesting connected player information, and spawning and managing network objects
  • Designed and Implemented a Dead Reckoning System to smooth Player and Enemy movement across the network
  • Implement a Networking Time Synchronization system to synchronize traps across the network

Work Projects


  • Midnight Star


    • Developer: Industrial Toys  Platform: iOS, UDK
    • Midnight Star is a New First Person Shooter Experience designed for the iPad and iPhone.
    • I worked as an Engineering Intern at Industrial Toys during the summer of 2013.  Some of my responsibilities on my project were building our System for displaying the models of the Weapons and Items in a swipe-able menu format.
    • Worked In a large code base where I fixed gameplay bugs, integrated our achievement and stat tracking system into the game, Debugged Game AI, and worked with Designers to optimize and Improve Levels
    • IGN Preview
    • Gamasutra Article
  • Yosemite Spyglass-iPad

    • Yosemite Spyglass is an app for the iPad developed at Art+Science Labs(formerly Spiral Galaxy Inc.).  The application places you inside a 360 view of Yosemite National Park.  The Image of Yosemite is an extremely high-resolution Gigapixel image.
    • While looking around you can zoom into the image to image and can take snap shots from the app to post to Facebook
    • I worked on the initial prototype for this application where I integrated varying level of high-resolution images.  Showing that such Highresolution images could be viewed and strored on the iPad.  This application was designed using Unity 3D
    • App –
  • Mattel’s Apptivity Toys-iPad & iPhone
    • Worked on internal tools for Mattel Inc. to be used in the development of the Toy prototypes and quality control software for the final version of the various Apptivity toys
    • Developed on the iOS platform using a proprietary SDK in both native iOS and in Unity 3D.


  • Sunblock- IndieSpeedrun 2012

    • Sunblock is a 2D side-scrolling platformer were you have to stay out of the sun as you traverse the level to make it to the safety of the beach house
    • This was our Submission for the 2012 Indie Speedrun, I was the main programmer for this game.  This game was developed over a 48 period in Unity 3D.  For this gamejam we were given a theme and element which we had to incorporate into game in some way.  Our theme was idolatry and our element was umbrella.
    • Submission Page –
    • Repository –
  • Project Zombie – Spring 2013

    • This was my project for my Mobile Games Class CSCI 526
    • Project Zombie is an iPad game developed using Unity 3D.  It combines elements from RTS, Survival, and tower Defense games to create a unique Zombie Survival Experience.  The player controls squads on survivors around the the city to find resources, build out their base, and fend off the zombie hoards
    • I am the Project leader for this game. The team is made up of myself and 5 other USC graduate students. Yuling Lan, Izaaz Yunus Hasi Ibahm, Sachin Shah, Ajinkya Kshirsagar, Ravi Vaishnav
    • Design Document – ProjectZombieDesignDocument

School Projects

  • Nvidia PhysX and Apex Support for GGE- 2012
    • This was a project for my Graduate Game Engine course.  In this class we worked on the custom game engine built in the class the Gamepipe Game Engine(GGE).  The GGE uses the Ogre 3D Engine as well a variety of other Industry standard components.
    • Our project was to update the version of Nvidia PhysX in the Engine and then we also wanted to Integrate Nvidia’s Apex system into the GGE.  Apex is a more advanced Physic engine built on top of Nvidia’s Physx that gives the developers access to more advanced Cloth simulation, Destructible Objects, and Particle Systems.
    • I worked with a partner on this project and In the semester we Upgraded the GGE to the latest version of PhysX and implemented a portion of the Apex system into the GGE.  At the end of the semester you could load in Apex models created from Nvidia’s Apex Lab tool and view them in game.  Due to time constraints we were only able to implement the basic set of API’s of Apex so the objects do not deform inside the GGE.
    • NVIDIAPhysxandAPEXintegration
    • CSCI 522 – Nvidia PhysX and APEX

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