Project Zombie

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Project Zombie

Class: CSCI 526 Advance Mobile Devices and Game Consoles

  • Project Zombie combines elements from Real Time Strategy and Tower Defense to put a new twist on a Zombie Survival Game
  • The player controls squads of survivors and navigates them through the city to find more resources and survivors in order to defend their central base
  • Increasing waves of zombies roam through the cities coming to try and destroy your base and survivors
  • 3 main resources Ammo, Hardware, and Food are required to defend your self, build barricades, and keep your survivors alive
  • The Game changes from Day to Night Increasing the Zombies speed and strength
  • Developed for the iPad in Unity 3D
  • Custom Built Unity iOS Plugin Pathing System written in C++
  • Game Design Doc ProjectZombieDesignDocument

Game Video


In Game Photos

Class Presentation


Project Lead – Christopher Barakian

Unity Engineers – Yuling Lan, Izaaz Yunus Hasi Ibahm, Sachin Shah, Ajinkya Kshirsagar, Ravi Vaishnav

Artists – Oren Cohen, Kyle Swinney

Special Thanks – Mike Zyda and Jerry Lin

Midterm Content – Old

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