Unreal 4 Project


As I begin my adventure into learning the newly released Unreal 4 Engine I am going to be logging my Progress and Results on my Website.  The first step of course is Getting the source code, downloading the dependencies for the engine, and building the Visula Studio Project.  Lets See how this Goes!!!


Setting Up Unreal Engine 4 Source Code

Initial Setup went pretty smooth.  I created my own fork of Epic’s GitHub repository and from there I was ready to start.  The source code itself is quite lean which is good.  However, there are 2 dependency zip folders that you have to download first which clock in at about 1.5 GBs.  From there its time to generate the VS project and begin to build the editor.



Building can take a while for the first time so have to wait an upper of 20 minutes.  From there it was time to finally dive into the editor for the first Time!



Everything in Unreal Engine 4 works on a project basis which is great.  This allows you to have several game projects going at the same time.  Spent about an hour getting familiar with all the various editor tools and went through the quick start tutorial for the Editor.  In the end I built a little house.




Check back later as I continue my dive into Unreal Engine 4!!!

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